Candino Research and Consultancy Services is a division of Candino (West Africa) Ltd registered in Nigeria with a footprint across the Africa continent with international standards and affiliations. We are a full-service and independent market research firm with the most trusted and affordable professional services with international market coverage specializing in a market research survey (Qualitative & Quantitative). Candino specializes in conducting fieldwork, data collection, recruiting, market intelligence and consulting solutions. With our state of the heart technologies and facilities, we deliver high-quality and dependable results.
We have extensive experience in implementing and managing market research projects within various global industry sectors through our strong field presence across Sub-Saharan African markets, APAC, MENA, Europe and Americas with cutting-edge capabilities in CAPI, CATI, Web-CATI, CAWI, Online, Offline, Video, etc. We are also ready for challenges by taking on any new and creative technology or the approach suggested to us by our clients. ...

who we are

Our mission is to provide our clients with reliable data and dependable market insights to accelerate growth.

Our Values


We strive to develop professionally each member team on a continuous basis and operate strictly in line with rules and standards of WIN-Gallup, ESOMAR and International Code of Marketing and Social Research practices.


Research is our passion and we are always committed doing what we understand most how to do best.


We only report based on our research findings, and the reality of our approaches and methodologies.


We stay focus to the requirements of our clients and avoid conflicts of interest.

Why us