Our Strategy

We carry out research with both consumers and businesses in a number of industry sectors.

Marketing Research

This is based on objectivity and systematically identifies, collects and analyzes field data to determine marketing opportunities and problems; evaluate marketing activities; brand positioning; gauge marketing performance to increase market share, and business insight.

Social Research

This is exploration of logical and empirical observations based on natural and factual discoveries about any socio-economic sample and population at large in meeting their product and services needs..

Public Opinion Research

This research collects the views of the majority of the population towards their area of interest. Public opinion is the general perception of the population on important matters that interest the people e.g. elections, sport events, governance, etc.

Advertising Research

Advertising research is used to gauge the consumer perception, effectiveness and consumer reactions about media and advertisement. Our honed advertising and media knowledge are imperative to help you formulate strategies and communication planning, competitor SWOT and brand tracking.