Research Types

Our types of research are Qualitative and Quantitative of any business sector and industries within international and local markets.

Market Opportunity Study

Our evaluation studies spell out various potential possibilities that can be tapped into for your business growth.

New Product Development Study

Our research covers the standard processes involved in getting new, refined or existing products and services into the marketplace to meet consumers’ ever-changing needs by staying ahead of your competitors.

Package Testing Study

Package design testing is very essential for any product to determine its uniqueness and strength during the design and production stage in order to predetermine its performance by the time the final product arrives in the real world and marketplace.

Advertising and Communication Study

Our advertising research gauges and measures advertising impacts and their effects on consumers.

Image Study

If you want to know how others perceived you, try our image study today. We unbiasedly report what is captured from the fieldwork only.

Habits & Attitudes Studies

Consumer perception through Attitudes and Habits evaluation influences product performance and confidence to meeting consumer’s needs. Habits & Attitudes Studies explore the connection between consumers and a specific market.

Brand Positioning

Brand positioning allows you to stand out and differentiate your brand (products and services) from the competitors’ brands. Hence, increases your market share.

Awareness & Attitude Surveys

For a brand to enjoy a large market share, people must know and say positive things about that brand. Any business must strive to know what consumers and potential consumers are thinking, saying and their attitude towards their brands, products and services.

Product Tests & Satisfaction Study

Products and brands must go through a market research testing before they get to a live market or after they have been introduced to the market to know the need for it, the requirement it must meet, the market segmentation, the acceptability or the necessary changes to be made to meeting consumer satisfaction.

Tracking studies

A continuous examination of the same consumers is essential to spot various different changes in their view at a different point in time in order to gauge the effectiveness of your marketing activities.

Evaluation Studies

Systematic assessment and acquisition of brand information keep your business at the upside of competition, consumer perception and satisfaction.

Sampling, Brand Promotion and Publicity

This form of marketing strategy includes simultaneously sampling during campaigns, promotional sales, advertising, market activation, market storming, etc.